Anti-child-trafficking team

Anti-child-trafficking team works in close collaboration with NGO partners and local authorities to identify the children-victims and take the necessary interventions to rescue them from dangerous situations, refer them to safe shelters, provides access to legal services, life plan sessions and successful family reintegration. SFODA is sensitive to the issues of child abuse, trafficking and exploitation and is zero-tolerant to perpetrators. SFODA is, together with another two NGO-partners and lawyer groups, currently conducting a project to combat child sex exploitation online and in travel and tourism to protect vulnerable children, rescue them from dangerous situations and bring them justice through the judiciary system. This Anti-child-trafficking team works in close collaboration with all stakeholders including the vulnerable children, the child-victims, their families, their community members, relevant government ministries, law enforcement agencies, NGO-networks, alliances and the private sector to prevent the children from being sexually abused/exploited and provide the children with the services they need. The working team also works with all stake holders to lobby for the creation of laws and policies for child rights/child protection, to increase effective interventions and to encourage private sector to support the children and their families through accepting them for on-job training and apprenticeships leading to fairly-paid employment and fairly-earned self-employment.