Education/vocational training

Education/Vocational training team works in collaboration with NGO partners, relevant government ministries, and public and private schools to refer younger children into appropriate classes and the older ones into vocational training courses or apprenticeships if they prefer. These team members also work with the children who stay in the residential/drop-in center providing them with non-formal education during their free time (as in Cambodia, children go to public school only one shift a day either morning or afternoon), helping to complete their home work, carrying out cultural and recreational activities including basic English classes, dancing, drawing/painting pictures, sports and outdoor activities. This team works with volunteers from different countries to conduct various extra-curricular activities for children so that they learn different life skills and prepare themselves to be successfully socialized. The Education/Vocational training team members also contact various NGO partners and private companies to accept older children and youth for vocational training skills or apprenticeships.